R&W Holistic Therapies - Respectful & Welcoming to all my clients
R&W Holistic Therapies - Respectful & Welcoming to all my clients

Tantric Treatments 

by RawTantra

Please note, I am currently not in a position to take on any new clients - but please call for details regarding this during my opening hours. Many thanks for  your understanding.


We study Tantra and know how it has contributed to significant changes in our lives, not only in our day to day living but also in how we relate to each other and indeed to others too.  One word comes to mind - respect !


With me you will be offered 'authentic' Tantra in its variety of styles and colours (see FAQs). 


It is well known how Tantra is able to help, not only with a wide range of sexual issues but also on an emotionally level - with self confidence, communication, understanding, trust and intimacy in any relationship - so allowing you to move in a deeper more open space with each other.

It works for us!

I offer a range of differing colours/types of tantra based treatments.


    Sensual Massage


    Erotic Massage


    Couples Erotic Massage


    Female to Female Massage 


    Couples Pamper Package 


Even though we often use the term 'massage' this not really massage at all as it does not use any traditional tissue manipulation strokes on the body - and its sometimes not even needing touch at all. Tantra is about energy, stimulating and arousing the senses, all of the senses, but whilst being in the present or 'now'. This is often called 'Energy Medicine'.


No two tantra session are the same, each person responds differently so I read your body and its reactions and using my intuition and experience to tailor the treatment specifically to help meet your expectations - this is the skill of a true practitioner. I also believe I  can bring some magick into this with my touch and intention - ask me more about this when we meet.


At these sessions we will create a safe sacred space that is for an open mind and the receiving of pleasure safely - but all times respecting and being within each others boundaries. Failure to repeatedly respect my boundaries, even after being advised so, will mean I have to terminate the treatment - and if this happens then no refund is appropriate.

Tantra is also well known for being able to help with a wide range of sexual, relationship and emotional issues. These issues are often not the result of a single 'problem' but more result from several changes or imbalances in a person's life - this is where my holistic approach benefits. Root causes can include stress, confidence, lifestyle issues like diet, relaxation, time pressures, relationship issues and exercise for example.


Tantra is a lot more than just this - its about the journey, enjoying and experiencing pleasure rather than getting to an objective as quickly as possible. And also about knowing boundaries, so you know you are safe within those boundaries and can relax and enjoy deeper and more intense intimacy and pleasure without any risk of causing offence - boundaries should be seen as positive.


Do not forget about communication, it should two way! Boundaries could change as we are in the 'now'.


I use a professional conventional massage table (not on a floor with mattress or futon etc) for all my treatments and my feet always stay safely on the floor. I do not do what some call 'body to body' as to me this is not massage - I wish to provide and maintain a professional, safe and non-sexual space, at all times, for my clients.


Sessions are open to men, women and couples - and of course same sex couples (I shouldn't have to say this but still will do until society catches up).

​However, due to the nature of these treatments, I would rather not receive enquiries from those under the age of 25. 


I am not currently accepting any new clients for Tantra treatments, however when I am able to, all new clients for Tantric treatments will need to book an appointment specifically for an Initial Consultation which must be to be completed seperately and PRIOR to the date of the massage treatment, the cost for this being £10 or £15 for a couple during my normal working hours. Additionally, please note, if you are travelling  any distance, some medical conditions may require a Doctor's note before a massage treatment can be undertaken.







Please do read the FAQs and specifically on Touch.


Tantra is about enjoying the journey and not rushing to get there as quickly as possible. 


'To touch is to give life'  - Michelangelo

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