R&W Holistic Therapies - Respectful & Welcoming to all my clients
R&W Holistic Therapies - Respectful & Welcoming to all my clients


You have landed on this page as you may have come from a naturist website or indicated that you are interested in naturist style treatments or are simply just fed up with the hassle of 'towel etiquette'. Either way, and within reason, I am quite happy to do all Tantric based treatments as naturists, with either just you or us both naked. Socially we are both naturists but in our professional roles we are obviously clothed except during a naturist treatment. We would never wish to cause any offence to those who are not naturist and attending here for one of my many other treatments. Please note, all massages and treatments conducted where we are both naked, are charged at Tantric prices.


If other styles or treatment are being sought then please discuss pricing with me but all are subject to a minimum time of 90mins when conducted in a naturist manner. There are no extra charges whatsoever for this but your wishes should be brought up and discussed during the Initial Consultation. In these (non tantra) types of treatment, touching me intentionally is not appropriate and I would ask that you respect me in that.


Would you please keep this in mind as you look around this website and the services we offer. I work in the Solihul and Birmingham areas and these treatments are of course open to both female and male. I am LGBT+ friendly too.


You will also notice that some 'standard' treatments are only available as an outcall, this is due to local authority regulations. I do not offer naturist treatments for outcalls when working alone, however, we can discuss Four Hand massages as an option.


For information, socially we are both naturists and members of British Naturist Federation.

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