R&W Holistic Therapies - Respectful & Welcoming to all my clients
R&W Holistic Therapies - Respectful & Welcoming to all my clients

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for Tantric treatments then please look at these FAQs

What is the difference between a Therapy treatment and a Massage?

If you look up the Oxford Dictionary definitions a 'massage' it is the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands. 

A therapy session is to treat a disorder and may or may not include any form or massage.

Do you do treatments for  both men and women?

Yes my treatments are available to both men and women and couples. I am LBGT friendly and same sex couples are welcome of course.

Do I need to bring anything or do any preparation?

You do not need to bring anything with for your first visit and equally no preparation is needed, except perhaps to consider hygene. All towels and anything needed is provided. We do ask for all to show mutual respect and be courteous. 

What are your thoughts on 'towel etiquette'?

I often get asked this and in all cases I respect the client and how they feel about it. I am a naturist so it doesn't bother me either way but at all times personal boundaries will and must be respected and recognised. I should also say that nudity does not imply anything sexual whatsoever.

This topic can be discussed at the Initial Consultation.

Can I pay a deposit?

If you wish to pay a deposit please call me for a treatment date and then go to this page.

What if I cancel the appointment late or simply don't turn up?

Obviously good manners would dictate that you give us a call or even text to let us know, as much as possible in advance, that you wish to cancel. 

For  those that choose to just not turn up, or do not give reasonable notice, and subsequently wish to rebook, we will only accept that booking once it is confirmed (within 2 hrs) by a non refundable deposit of £50 paid in advance by credit/debit card online here .

What do you charge?

On every treatment page there is a recommendation as to the duration or time you should allow for a treatment and a button to link off to the relevent Prices page.  All of my standard treatments are charged by time rather than treatment type - this allows me to give you whatever you need from my range of skills (including Tarot readings) whilst you are here.

The costs for my time for Standard treatments are shown on the Prices page.

The prices for Tantric based treatments are shown on the Tantra Price page.

Why are some treatments only available as an outcall?

This a restriction imposed by Birmingham City council who have passed regulations that would require my property to be licenced in the same way as 'Massage Parlours' are. I do not offer a 'walk in' service and do not wish to categorised as a massage parlour so I am sorry that some types of massage and treatments, which are covered by the city council regulations, can not be done here.

Do you have disabled access?

My Therapy Room is on the first floor but if feasible, I MAY be able to come to you as an outcall.  This does not apply to tanta massage treatments.

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