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R&W Holistic Therapies - Respectful & Welcoming to all my clients

Erotic Tantric Massage 

by RawTantra

This is what we call Red Tantra  (see FAQs) as Tantra is about arousing your senses, allowing you to recognise what and where you are now, being in the present. To facilitate this we create a safe sacred space where you can know that boundaries are respected and not crossed, so giving the freedom and opportunity for intimacy and pleasure. In this space we typically work both naked.


Within this sacred space we will take time to connect  and by the use of various relaxation and grounding techniques help you relax, de-stress and come into yourself, not only in the body, but in the mind and, more importantly, in spirit too.


I am then able to use energy techniques, together with the power of touch and other stimulation to arouse and heighten your senses. In so doing this helps balance your chakras which in itself can give you an enhanced feeling of well being. This balancing of your energy chakras removes blockages and enables your kundalini energy to be more intense and able to flow up through your chakras. The release of your kundalini energy is often associated with orgasm, typically initiated by lingam and yoni massage, and then giving a whole / full body experience.


Within this space you may touch me, and you have total freedom to explore and do so safely within my boundaries. Boundaries are discussed before we commence. This is intended to be a very sensual and erotic experience but it is specifically non-sexual and there is no penetrative sex whatsoever during the treatment - this is one of my boundaries. If boundaries are repeatedly not respected then the treatment will be terminated, for personal safety reasons and no refund is appropriate.


This treatment is particularly enjoyable to women who prefer female to female treatments, but is also open to males and couples alike.



You should allow around 2hrs for this erotic tantric massage. 


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