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R&W Holistic Therapies - Respectful & Welcoming to all my clients

Couples Pamper Package

by RawTantra

We have experience in Tantra and many of its 'techniques' and how these principles can be used to enhance closeness, depth, intimacy and trust within a relationship on not only a physical but also emotional and spritual levels too. We can combined Tantra with our other skills in holistic treatments and therapy to offer, what we feel, is something very special, personal and unique to you.

We like to discuss your expectations and reasons for wanting the package as we will tailor the package specifically to help you meet your expectations. This discussion would be in the form of a prior Initial Consultation, ideally with both of you - but if its a surprise then we would respect that. The Initial Consultation needs to take place at least 48hrs beforehand to allow us time to prepare.


At one level this can be a 'workshop' in that it will give you skills you can take home and use again and again.


Tantra is not all about sex, its more about the journey, and enjoying that journey rather than getting to the destination by 'hammering down the motorway'. It is about slowing down, taking time to sense, feel and realise who, what and where you are in this moment.


As part of the package the session can be naturist so, if wanted, we can all get changed into lungis (provided) in preparation for the session.


If you wish this to be for two couples then please contact us for prices.

Typical elements of the package may include:


Relaxation techniques including meditation, breathing and grounding.

Kundalini Meditation

Ritual bathing

Body Exfoliating Scrub

Chakra balancing

Sensual multi hand energy massage.

Chakra talk

Indian Head Massage

Reflexology foot massage/treatment

A full body hand oil rub with specially blended oils

Energy Movement & Massage

Reiki Treatment

Yoni and/or Lingam massage

Lymph drainage to assist removal of toxins



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