R&W Holistic Therapies - Respectful & Welcoming to all my clients
R&W Holistic Therapies - Respectful & Welcoming to all my clients

Initial Consultation

For certain treatment I do require an Initial Consultation, held here in my Therapy Room, prior to those certain treatments. This consultation serves several purposes, apart from the obvious one of discussing the reason you are seeking a treatment. 


These reasons may include:

  • Discuss current situaton and medical history as there are certain medical conditions where treatments can and will only be undertaken with the expressed written permission of your doctor.
  • Opportunity for us meet each other and make sure we can get along
  • Do you have any allergies
  • Discuss cost and the need for any treatment schedule
  • Discuss scoping and options for treatments
  • Discuss your expectations
  • An opportunity to look around at my facilities
  • Discuss Health & Safety issue
  • If an outcall is envisaged then discuss feasability and travel costs

This Initial Consultation can take from 20 to 30mins and costs £10 per person (£15 for a couple) in normail hours. However the cost is £15 (£20 for a couple) for evenings and Sundays


Please note that all of these discussions are completely confidential and, if you agree, we both sign a confidentiality agreement to that effect.

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