R&W Holistic Therapies - Respectful & Welcoming to all my clients
R&W Holistic Therapies - Respectful & Welcoming to all my clients

Couples Massage

In reality all and any of my treatments are available to couples and I am always happy to discuss what it is you are looking for- these include swedish, tantric, energy, holistic, head neck and shoulders, foot massage etc etc


There are more combinations and possibilites within a Couple Massage, perhaps where one partner just observes or may take an active role, under my guidance and supervision for safety reasons.


If you are looking for  sensual couples tantric massage therapy sessions please click here. Tantric massage is not really massage as it does not use any tissue manipulation strokes at all . Tantra massage is very erotic and is based on what I call an Energy Massage. Please see the Tantra pages for more information on this.



As I am a naturist these sessions can be performed with all of us naked if you both prefer, this is useful as it can reduce barriers so allowing us all to relax more, but only if you both want of course.

These sessions should not be rushed and typically 3hrs or more is recommended for a couples treatment to gain optimum benefits.


These sessions are also be used to teach you to massage each other (see Massage Tuition) and are of course open to same sex couples.



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