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R&W Holistic Therapies - Respectful & Welcoming to all my clients

Couples Erotic Massage

By RawTantra

This session is typically what we call Red Tantra (see FAQs).


Tantra is about us all connecting, arousing the senses, allowing you to recognise what and where you are in the now, being in the present. To facilitate this we hold a safe sacred space where you both know that your boundaries are respected and not crossed. In this space we are typically all naked.


These sessions are particularly useful where couples are looking to reconnect or refind each otherr - perhaps after years of hectic family life ord job pressures where they have not had (been allowed) the time they so need to give to each other to be close and intimate. I help facilitate this, and give you, maybe, some extra skills and tools to help. In our lives, Tantra has helped us by being able to gain a greater depth and intimacy, which is so important where 'you' time is limited.


So within this sacred space we will take time, and by using various relaxation and grounding techniques, help you both relax, de-stress and come into yourselves, be aware, not only in the body, but also in the mind and, more importantly, in spirit.


With a couples massage we typically work 'two on one' where I guide the partner to assist me in giving the 'massage' - but this optional as some chose to sit and watch - either way its your choice.


During the session I use energy techniques, together with the power of touch and intent, to arouse and heighten your senses and also to help balance your chakras, which in so doing give you an enhanced feeling of well being.


This chakra balancing also enables your  kundalini energy, typically initiated at orgasm, to be more intense and more able to flow right up through your now unblocked chakras. The release of your kundalini energy is often initiated orgams by lingam and yoni massage, and then giving a whole / full body experience often known as Kundalini Awakening.


Within this space you may touch me/us, but always within boundaries. Boundaries are discussed before we commence, boundaries are not restrictions but permission to be free within a boundary. This is intended to be a very sensual and erotic experience, but it is specifically non-sexua,l and there is no penetrative sex whatsoever with me/us during the treatment - this is my boundary.



You should allow at least 3hrs for a couples tantric massage.




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